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We provide top quality work on every project from start to finish. No cutting corners, no shortcuts taken. Your project will be perfect each and every time. We aim for excellence in our field with a team of skilled craftsmen who bring your project dreams to life, handling everything from framing to painting and more.

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excellence through quality and trust

Client relationships are our top priority at MiqCarley Designs & Construction. We love to give our clients a beautiful experience. We believe your home should be a reflection of you, your style, your personality, and your favorite colors. We strive to create functional and practical spaces that will be beautiful and timeless.

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Miquel McCarley


Miquel is the heart behind every project. She has an eye for design that will leave you speechless when she is done with your space. Her heart and soul goes into every project. Along with professionalism and one of a kind designs, Miquel brings each work site to life with her spunky, fun-loving, and optimistic personality. Her eyes light up with each new project. making client dreams come true is her passion 100%.

She is a:
- Licensed General Contractor
- Licensed Painting Contractor
- Certified Color Expert
- Member of the PCA
- Fifth Generation Painter
- Lead Specialist

Miquel is always up to date on the latest trends and styles. She is always on top of her continued education and growing her skillset, mastering every one. She builds client relationships based on trust, communication, and consistency. she goes about and beyond for each client, every time.

David McCarley


David's professional background is rooted in the oilfield, where he dedicated 25 years of his career before deciding to transition into the construction world. In 2019, he made the pivotal choice to close his own company and join forces with Tyger Lily Designs & Interiors, our sister company.
At that time, Tyger Lily was rapidly growing and required the strength of a man and someone adept at various handy tasks. David proved to be the ideal candidate, seamlessly integrating into the painting company. His contributions extended beyond conventional painting tasks, encompassing activities such as adding trim, creating feature walls, installing doors, and more. His multifaceted skills quickly made him an invaluable asset to the team.
While David never harbored a deep passion for painting, his desire to expand his skill set led him to pursue broader horizons. Subsequently, he obtained his Contractors License and developed a newfound passion for construction management. In 2021 he transitioned out of Tyger Lily completely and took on a new direction with MiqCarley. Currently, he thrives in overseeing the execution of larger projects undertaken by our company, showcasing his dedication and enthusiasm for this evolving chapter in his professional journey. David is a team player and always brings the perfect balance of professionalism and enjoyment to each job site. He is king of brainstorming and coming up with new ideas to make each space unique. Along with bringing Miquel's visions to life. His attention to detail and eye for design come together to create beautiful spaces that are structurally perfect. David has a wide variety of skills that he brings to the table. This makes every project unique and individual to each client. Every space he helps create is one of a kind. David is very personable and down to earth. he has away of connecting with clients on a personal level that creates a positive experience through the duration of the job.

Amos Brown


Amos is a specialty trades license holder. Before our "Famous Amos" moved to Vernal, he worked for a traveling flooring company for just over seven years. When he first came to Vernal he found a road construction job, but it wasn't something he felt passionate about doing. During the Lay off season in January 2021, Amos was looking for something to keep him busy until he was able to get back to doing road construction. this is when he had the opportunity to start working for Tyger Lily Designs & Interiors, our sister company. And it wasn't long before he realized it was his dream job, and something he wanted to stick with long term. Even before he worked for Tyger Lily, he often talked about wanting to do floors or backsplashes among other things. So joining our team has been the perfect fit the has allowed him to expand into everything he dreamed of being able to do and more. He has a lot of passion and pays close attention to even the smallest details on every job he does. Since then he has evelved into soley laying tile. His jobs are always immaculatedue to his attention to detail and passion for being the best at what he does. He is always neat and clean when on his job site leaving every site cleaner than he found it.

Porsha Labrum


Porsha became a valuable member of our team during the summer of 2022 when she assumed the role of office manager. Upon her arrival, she played a pivotal role in reshaping and enhancing our internal operations. With her remarkable ability to multitask, effectively manage crucial tasks, oversee projects, and administer office affairs, Porsha showcased her exceptional talents.
Her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth has been evident from the start. Porsha consistently strives to improve, displaying a strong desire to excel in her responsibilities each day. Driven by ambition, she eagerly embraced challenges and swiftly mastered the intricacies of her role. As a result of her dedication and competence, Porsha earned promotions to the positions of Project Manager and Marketing Director within the company.
In her current roles, Porsha is the driving force behind our social media presence, marketing strategies, and promotional efforts. Her adeptness in handling client interactions, coupled with her refined skills in estimating and design, has greatly contributed to the company's success. Porsha has successfully cultivated lasting relationships with clients, overseeing the design and completion of their projects with admirable proficiency.